The San Pedro de Anes Experimental Centre is located in the municipality of Siero, in the Asturias region in northern Spain. It is very close to the AS-1 motorway, at a distance of 22 Km from Oviedo, 15 Km from Gijón, and 56 Km from the Asturias airport.

From Oviedo:

Take A-66 highway in direction to Gijón & Santander, along 2.5 km.

Take exit 126, to continue by highway A-64/E70, direction Santander.

After 8 Km, take exit 23 "Gargantada, El Berrón, Noreña" and turn left to El Berrón (AS-246 road).

Cross El Berrón (traffic lights), and continue by AS-246 in direction to Gijón along 7 km, to reach San Pedro-La Figarona, and take here a left detour marked with TST signals.

From Gijón:

Take highway AS-1 in direction to Mieres, and follow it along 10 km.

Take exit 23 "Muño, Anes, La Madera" and turf left to take AS-246 road in direction to Noreña.

After about 2 km take a right detour with TST signs.




From Asturias airport:

Take A-8 motorway in direction to Avilés and later follow the signs to Gijón & Santander.

Once on the Gijón bypass ("Ronda") take exit 387 "Gijón, El Llano, Pola de Siero".

Follow the signs to take highway AS-1 in direction to Langreo & Mieres.

Follow the AS-1 motorway for about 10 km and take the exit 23 "Muño, Anes, La Madera", then turn left to take AS-246 road in direction to Noreña. At 2.4 km take a right detour marked with TST signs.


“San Pedro de Anes” Experimental Center 33189 Siero (Asturias) SPAIN
Phones: +34 985 74 16 45/+34 985 74 42 26

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AS-246 road Km. 14,5 (Siero)

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