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Applus+ Laboratories adheres to ITA-COSUF, committee dedicated to the improvement of security and protection in tunnels

Participation in ITA-COSUF allows Applus+ Laboratories and Applus+ TST to increase their knowledge and participation in international safety standards for tunnels and underground spaces.

ita-cosufApplus+ Laboratories has been accepted as member of the ITA-COSUF committee, a committee founded in 1974 by nineteen nations, dedicated to safety in underground facilities. ITA is the international leading organization that promotes the use of tunnels and underground space, through the exchange of knowledge and the application of technology. It offers the fire laboratories of Applus+ Laboratories (Barcelona) and Applus+ TST (Asturias) the opportunity to share their experience, participate in debates and exchange knowledge about safety and protection in underground facilities and tunnels. 

ITA-COSUF is the center of excellence for the worldwide exchange of information and knowledge on safety and protection of underground facilities in operation, and offers its members a communication platform on safety and security in underground facilities. ITA-COSUF has the cooperation of the World Road Association-PIARC and all the major European fire research organizations.

The approval of the candidature by ITA-COSUF committee will give to Applus+ Laboratories the possibility to meet other international members of the sector, exchange different points of view and also share their professional experience.

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