High temperature fan laboratory

High temperature fan laboratory


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Applus+ TST has a laboratory which has been accredited by ENAC (accreditation number 710/LE1238) in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17025 regulation, for testing high-temperature fans in accordance with the UNE-EN 12101-3 standard. High-temperature tests are carried out on jet fans and axial fans for tunnels.

Furnace test bench

The furnace is used to test fans where the entire structure, including the motor, is subjected to high temperatures in the case of fire, as is the case for jet fans.

It is an enclosed area with a floor space of 10.66 x 4.16 m and height of 3 m, appropriately lined and equipped with an internal circulation circuit and a gas burner with 1,400 KW of power.

Circuit test bench

This is used to test fans which have hot air passing through their blades in case of fire, but without the air around them heating up, as is the case for fans which are used in transverse, semi-transverse or Saccardo ventilation systems.

The test bench is a closed recirculation circuit of hot air, with the following key features:

    • Total length: 48.4 m
    • Diameter of the circuit: 2,400 mm
    • Diameter of the measuring chamber: 3,800 mm
    • Power of the burner 4,050 KW

Control system

The two facilities in the laboratory have their own control system located in a control room within the premises. This system, which is independent from the tunnel control system, allows for the supervision and control of all of the laboratory equipment while tests are being carried out, as well as the recording of the measured parameters.

Features of the fans to be tested

The laboratory is equipped to carry out tests on fans with the following features:

  • Power: Up to 1000 KW
  • Maximum diameter: 3500 mm in the Circuit and 2000 mm in the Furnace
  • Power supply voltage: 400 ÷ 6,900 V
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz


After the testing process, Applus+ as notified body nº 0307 certifies the product for CE marking in accordance with Directive 89/106/CEE.

Tests carried out

Since 2005, the laboratory has grown and has now reached a prominent position in terms of carrying out testing on fans and other auxiliary elements according to the UNE-EN 12.101-3:2002 regulation.

Applus+ TST currently has national clients including Zitrón, Novovent, Conau, Llorvesa, Ger, Baltogar, Sodeca and Tecson, as we well as international clients, notably Flaktwoods, Systemair, Weg, Elta Fans, EMAK, Colas Rail and Trox.

In addition, Applus+ TST has agreements with different entities related to fire engineering such as:

  • Efectis (CTICM)

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