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Applus+ Laboratories becomes a member of the Clúster Comportamiento e Investigación del Fuego de Cantabria (CIF CANTABRIA)

Our inclusion in the cluster allows us to continue working transversally in collaboration with the fire safety sector. It is a platform from which we can exchange knowledge and projects of common interest at the national and international levels while keeping in the loop with future market trends and needs. CIF Cantabria has facilities with unique equipment in Spain and elsewhere.

The cluster focuses on the following areas:

  • Research, studies and Technological Development and Innovation (RDI)
  • Commercial promotion
  • Training
  • Coordination and intermediation
  • Dissemination
  • Environment
  • Strengthening of the industrial fabric
  • Groups of suppliers
  • Specific projects: infrastructures, informative tradeshows, information exchange systems, and more
  • Improvement of the sectors subjected to fire performance tests and trials. Both for processes and products, these are actions that lead to the fulfilment of the general objective of the cluster

The cluster’s mission is to promote the cooperation and commercial and technological development of companies directly linked to the fire safety sector in order to create opportunities and synergies in the industry.

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