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Applus+ TST Organises the First-Ever Firefighting Course for an Electric Vehicle and Lithium-Ion Battery in a Tunnel Situation

On Thursday 23rd September 2021, Applus+ TST organised the first fire test of an electric vehicle inside the tunnel of the San Pedro de Anes Experimental Centre.

The test was carried out by HISPAMAST and the Bolzano fire brigade (from Italy). As it was such an important event, a lot of different fire brigades were there to observe, including those from Madrid, Gijón and Oviedo City Councils, the Cordoba Consortium, Malaga and the Provincial Consortium of La Coruña, amongst others. Local authorities also wanted to be present.

In the test, an electrical vehicle fire – with a fully charged battery – was characterized. This started with simulating a short circuit in the battery, to extinguishing the fire and managing the waste – in a stainless steel container flooded with water .

The test allowed the emergency services to learn first-hand how to manage this type of emergency inside a tunnel, with the ventilation and limitations that they might encounter in a real situation. The operatives were very happy to experience this real case and see the issues involved in this type of situation.

As the automotive market’s unstoppable movement towards electrification continues to gather pace, this type of training becomes more and more important for the safety of infrastructures, but above all for the people involved in potential incidents.


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