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Asturian firefighters train at the facilities of San Pedro de Anes (Asturias) to obtain the technical ability for intervening in tunnel fires

Forty professionals from the fire brigade of the Principality of Asturias (SEPA) have this week completed a two-day training course, in two editions, at the facilities of San Pedro de Anes in Siero (Asturias) – owned by the Barredo Foundation and operated by Applus+ TST.

Thanks to the course, the firefighters have been able to experience the critical conditions of smoke, fire and long routes with zero visibility. This training enables them to continue providing the best service possible to the public in firefighting and the rescue of possible victims, especially in such a critical environment as underground road and rail infrastructures.

We were pleased to have the presence of technicians from the Environmental Control Service of the Regional Ministry of Regional Administration, Environment and Climate Change, during the fire manoeuvres in the tunnel, who verified the control measures adopted in this respect.

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