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Firefighters from Quito, Ecuador, come to train at Applus+ TST

Firefighters from Quito, Ecuador, travel to the Applus+ TST facilities in Spain to receive our “Training Course in Tunnels and Galleries for Firefighters”.

The course was held on the 14th, 15th and 16th September at the Experimental Centre in San Pedro de Anes, Asturias.

The firefighters from the Ecuadorian capital made the trip to recieve the training and qualify themselves for interventions in tunnels and underground galleries that may arise in their city. This training is both theoretical and practical.

In the practical part, with real fire, two drills were carried out. The first simulated an emergency situation, as a first response unit, and the second was representative of a fire in a metro station.  These situations are similar to those they will encounter in their professional career and serve to improve their safety and performance in the event of such a fire in a tunnel or gallery.

The training was a great success, with the students paying their gratitude to the dedication and effort of the instructors and Applus TST+ on the whole. In their own words: ‘there is the only place in the world where there is such a well-equipped facility for receiving exercises and training like this’.

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