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The fourth edition of the Applus+ TST Tunnel Operators Course has been successfully completed

Last 21st and 22nd June, 12 students took part in the “Tunnel Control Room Operators Certificate in Fire Situations” course given by Applus+ TST.

In addition to getting to know the facilities of the Experimental Centre of Asturias, the participants learned about:  

  • Ventilation in tunnels and evacuation measures in case of fire.  
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus and extinguishing equipment  
  • Smoke behaviour in tunnels  
  • Handling of powder extinguishers, CO2 and BIE’s.  

 The students were confronted with the problems and risks posed by a fire in a tunnel and learned in a practical way how to solve or manage it from the control room.   

 For most of them, the practical part with real fire was a unique experience and difficult to find in other courses for Control Room Operators. Guillem Carim, an AERCO worker, says that “after years of working in ventilation, CFD simulations and fire, I had never before experienced being in the fire itself”.  

 Unlike previous editions, there were participants from several nationalities: Portugal, Italy and Spain. The confluence of students was very enriching, as it allowed them to share the peculiarities of each country. 

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